Family History

I started investigating my family history several years ago but did not get very far. In late 2003 I started again, however with the vast amount of information now published on the internet I made much greater progress and now consider it as one of my main hobbies. Links to the sites I use most frequently in my research can be found on my Bookmarks page.

I have decided to investigate all my ancestral lines in due course, however at present I am only dealing with my English lines and am not considering the line of my maternal grandmother who was born in Ireland. However once I have gained some experience with my English research I will pursue that line as well. As a way of prioritising my research I have two main areas that I want to investigate: the male line for my surname, and the family connections with Hitchin, Hertfordshire, where I was born.

I use The Master Genealogist as a repository for my research. The narrative in the pages on this site is my own, however initially based on the output from TMG.

Why publish my research on the internet? Primarily for the benefit of anyone researching the same ancestors as myself. If you have reached these pages by virtue of entering your ancestor’s name into a search engine, I’d be happy to compare notes to see if we do have a mutual ancestor, and if so to share my research.

The table below is a brief pedigree chart starting with my grandparents. Click on the names to see the information I have collected about each person, and from there further links to my relatives that are not direct ancestors.

Frank Pargeter
Henry Pargeter
John Pargeter
Hannah Izod
Mary Ann Radbourn
Daniel Radbourn
Ann Slatter
Lucy Harriett Waite
Richard Joseph Waite
Richard Waite
Richard Waite
Thomas Waite
Martha ?
Mary ?
Mary Elizabeth Busby
John Busby
George Busby
Herodias Sturch
Elizabeth Waite
Richard Waite (as above)  
Mary ? (as above)  
Joseph Francis Fallowfield
Joseph Fallowfield
Joseph Fallowfield
George Fallowfield
Clara Wallis
Jonn P Wallis
Elizabeth ?
Helena Dawson
Francis Dawson
William Dawson
Matilda Hamblett
Thomas Hamblett
Alma Emmeline Lyon
John Dark Lyon
Mary Ann Standbridge
Nora Josephine Griffin
Michael Griffin