Language Tester

This application is a tester for language skills.

The current version includes Books 1 and 2 of So you really want to learn Latin by N.R.R. Oulton. I estimate it can test 90% of the content, but is no substitute for working through the course itself!


The application is built in JavaFX and is supplied as a zip file containing a custom JRE, so should not need any dependencies to run. Download the version for your operating system below, unzip to a suitable location, and then run the bin/language.bat (Windows) or bin/language (Mac/Linux) script to launch the application.

Release History

Version Date Description
0.3α 06/02/2020 Added Book 2 of the Latin course.
0.2α 30/12/2019 Migrated to JavaFX 13.
0.1α 06/09/2017 Initial release for Latin Book 1.